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Dominic Chacon Lighting Design

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Scarred Beauty

Youth America Grand Prix


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After the Bar
Philadelphia’s All-male Acappella Group

Luck Fupus

Wicky Design

Allison is a consummate professional, with expert knowledge and great instincts in the production field. She is very organized, budget-minded, and is one of the most resourceful professionals I’ve met. As a manager, Allison is peerless, drawing from her extensive list of contacts to bring together a team of professionals for any event, and keeping the entire team motivated and productive, while juggling a million priorities and maintaining relationships across the board. Besides her wonderful professional manner, Allison is one of the kindest humans, always aiming to ensure safety, comfort and dignity of everyone around her. I’ve the utmost respect for Allison and would highly recommend her for any job. – Dasha Korol, Youth America Grand Prix