Wedding Coaching & Management Services

Get confident for the big day with the Emmerich Events Wedding Coaching and Management Services.

Toast Coaching

There are so so many things to worry about in this day and age. Being asked to give a speech at a wedding shouldn’t be one of them. As a former theatre director, I am happy to help you find your confidence to nail your perfect toast speech! Prices for these public speaking sessions begin at $75/hour but discounts are available if your wedding couple is using our services for anything else! 

These sessions are perfect for: 

  • Parents of the bride(s)/groom(s)
  • Maid of Honor
  • Best Man

But anyone needing a public speaking revamp is welcome to arrange an appointment!

Setting the Stage:

Were you looking at your friend’s wedding pic and thought it was absolutely horrible that during the cake cutting you could see the ladies room sign in the background? Let us help prevent “staging mishaps” from occurring at your wedding!  

Prices begin at $100.00.

Logistics and Layout:

Are you completely lost when it comes to figuring out where things should go at your wedding reception? Let us help you draft out your space in a meaningful way!

Prices begin at $100.00.

Bridal/Groom’s Assistant

Each Bride or Groom deserves someone to tend to the “little things” on their big day!  Why not hire one of our personal assistants to help set your mind at ease. Bridal and Groom Assistants are great for running last minute errands, delivering welcome bags to the hotel, giving you time checks, getting/arranging breakfast/brunch on the morning of the wedding, scheduling your driver/cab, and a variety of other task-related endeavors.  

Prices for Assistants begin at $40/hour.

Photo Ready Confidence Coaching

Not all people like to be the center of attention. It makes some people nervous. Due to social status and/or business relationships a small wedding might not always be possible for those people on the shy side. This is where Confidence Coaching comes into play! Our Confidence Coaches are eager to work with you to help you find the grounding and confidence needed for your wedding day. Confidence Coaches can help with everything from identifying your “best angle” to helping you walk in heels to helping you fight the urge to hide in coat check!

Prices for Confidence Coaching begin at $75/hour.

Wedding Management

It’s always helpful to have someone making sure things move smoothly for guests and the bridal party!  Why should you have to worry about it? It’s your big day! It should be stress free. So your venue has a coordinator?  Why should you hire Emmerich Events? Specializing in Day-of Management, each wedding is assigned a minimum of 2 people–1 person for each of the newlyweds.  That’s 2 people on-site taking care of all the business so you can focus on LOVE and PARTYING!

Wishing you had assistance with something not listed here?

Let us know and we will GLADLY work with you to develop a package best for you.

“When I got married I was at a loss for ideas. Allie was an endless resource of creative ideas throughout the wedding planning process. She even helped plan my bachelorette party! Everything was completed in a very professional and timely manner. She helped make my day a beautiful and memorable experience!” -Annie Norberg